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Hawkwind - Masters of the Universe (1977)

It´s a compilation album by Hawkwind covering the years 1971-1974.

"United Artists was of course quick to release a compilation after they lost Hawkwind from their label. "Masters of the Universe" was actually the first Hawkwind-album I bought, and while it features lots superb music it still lacks too many obligatory Hawkwind-tracks to be anything more than a supplement to the "Roadhawks"-compilation released the year before. That album focused a lot on single-tracks that wasn't to be found on any album, while "Masters of the Universe" is more orientated towards album-material. The only exception is "It's So Easy" that was the B-side of the "Psychedelic Warlords"-single. This is to my knowledge the only place to hear this track on an album. The arrangement would have fitted nicely into "Hall of the Mountain Grill" but the track itself is mediocre. The rest of the album is made up of "Master of the Universe", "Brainstorm", "Sonic Attack", "Orgone Accumulator" and "Lost Johnny". Great tracks from start to finish, but get the original albums instead as they're all worth having."


Side one
"Master of the Universe" (Nik Turner, Dave Brock) – 6:19
"Brainstorm" (Turner) – 10:44

Side two
"Sonic Attack" (Michael Moorcock) – 2:59
"Orgone Accumulator" (Robert Calvert, Brock) – 10:00
"It's So Easy" (Brock) – 5:21 – single b-side
"Lost Johnny" (Ian Kilmister) – 3:28

Disco e capa em excelente estado.
Importado England.
Saindo por R$ 100

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