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Spooky Tooth - Witness (1973)

It´s an album released by Spooky Tooth in 1973. For this album, original drummer Mike Kellie returned and substantially replaced Bryson Graham. Gary Wright became the dominant songwriting influence at this stage of the band's history. Co-lead singer Mike Harrison left the band following the release of the album.

Side One

"Ocean of Power" – 4:40
"Wings on My Heart" – 3:32
"As Long as the World Keeps Turning" – 3:40
"Don't Ever Stray Away" (Chris Stewart, Wright) – 3:14
"Things Change" – 4:19

Side Two

"All Sewn Up" (Mick Jones, Wright) – 3:44
"Dream Me a Mountain" – 3:31
"Sunlight of My Mind" – 4:56
"Pyramids" (Mike Kellie, Wright) – 4:28

Disco e capa em ótimo estado.
Edição Brasileira 1974.
Saindo por R$ 35

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