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Free - The Free Story (1990)

"This is generally the 'second greatest' Free collection, after "Molten Gold: The anthology". It is by far superior to the later "All right now - best of" which has an awful remaster treatment - the songs was sounding like late eighties, not early seventies (wow, what a mistake!), and was suffering in song selection.

Anyway, this was originally double LP compilatiaon-album, you get almoust 80 minutes of classic Free numbers. It covers all of the albums (I'm only missing here more stuff from the first album, and offcourse, "Wishing Well" from the "Heartbreaker" album), and you also get two live cuts, "Mr.Big" and "The Hunter", both concert stamples. Maybe would be better if they included album version of "All right now", which I prefer much more than the single version. But single is single. You'll anyway have to get "Fire and Water" album!
And maybe the sound qualitiy isn't so good, but this is probably the best way to get into Free, the classic early seventies rock band, which could be one of the biggest groups around if they had lasted.
But don't stop here, get "Fire and Water", and then superb 1968. debut "Tons of Sobs" (That's for start)."


Track Listings

1. I'm A Mover
2. I'll Be Creepin'
3. Mourning Sad Morning
4. All Right Now
5. Heavy Load
6. Fire And Water
7. Be My Friend
8. The Stealer
9. Soon I Will Be Gone
10. Mr. Big
11. The Hunter
12. Get Where I Belong
13. Travelling Man
14. Just For The Box
15. Lady
16. My Brother Jake
17. Little Bit Of Love
18. Sail On
19. Come Together In The Morning

Discos (duplo) e capa (dupla) em excelente estado; com encarte.
Importado Holland. Edição Limitada (LP numerado).
Saindo por R$ 100

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