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Duke Ellington - The English Concert (1972)

By ROBERT BONNICI - Published on Amazon.com

Brilliant,absolutely brilliant!One of the greatest big band performances of all time can be heard on this excellent recording of Duke Ellington and his orchestra live in England.The shear vitality and radiance that one feels upon hearing this concert can only be matched by the musicians themselves!They are at full force all the way,infact on the Togo Brava,Brava Togo Suit,Harry carney seems to be so powerful that at one point i was sure that my house would come crashing down around me!!! Throughout my extensive range of jazz recordings,i find myself time and time again playing this album and loving every minute of it,infact this album will seal any doubts that any of you might have had about the Duke being the greatest writer,arranger,band leader and piano player of all time. When you purchase this album and you find yourself in complete awe of some of jazz`s finest musicians(most of them are over 50 here!),spare a thought for me......i'll probably be listening too!!!! Enjoy!


Togo Brava Brava Togo Suite
A1-1 Part I: Soul Soothing Beach 4:54
A1-2 Part II: Naturellement 7:02
Togo Brava Brava Suite (Conclusion)
A2-1 Part III: Amour, Amour
A2-1 Part IV: Right On Togo

B1 In A Mellow Tone 3:50
B2 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) 5:10
B3 Goof 2:48
B4 Soul Flute (Flute Ame)

Disco e capa em ótimo estado.
Edição Brasileira de 1974.
Saindo por R$ 25,00

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