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Jethro Tull - Living in the Past (72)

Living in the Past é uma semi-coletânea que traz canções inéditas, grandes sucessos e duas faixas ao vivo reunidas num álbum duplo.

"Living in the Past is a double album quasi-compilation collection by Jethro Tull, which contains album tracks, outtakes, the "Life Is a Long Song" EP, and all of their singles except for "Aeroplane", "Sunshine Day", "One for John Gee", "17" and the original United Kingdom version of "Teacher" (the United States single version was included instead). Many of the tracks only appeared as British releases before being compiled on Living in the Past for the first time in the American market.

The album was named after the single released in May 1969 and was released in an elaborate gate-fold packaging that contained a large color photo booklet with over 50 photos of the band.
Two songs, "By Kind Permission Of" and "Dharma for One", were recorded live at Carnegie Hall.

"Love Story", "Christmas Song", "Living in the Past", "Driving Song", "Sweet Dream" and "Witches' Promise" were originally released as mono singles and remixed into stereo for inclusion on the album.
The album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts and went gold not long after its release. The title track from the album became Tull's first top-40 hit in the United States, reaching #11, a full three years after it performed well in Britain.

In the United States, Living in the Past was the first Jethro Tull album to appear on the Chrysalis Records label; while each of the band's previous albums were marked as "a Chrysalis Production", the albums were released by Warner Bros. Records' Reprise Records subsidiary. Interestingly, early U.S. editions of Living in the Past bore both a Chrysalis catalogue number (2CH 1035) and a Reprise catalogue number (2TS 2106). This suggests that the album was scheduled to appear on Reprise Records but Chrysalis gained control of the band's USA releases in late 1972." (wikipedia)

Disco 1
"Song For Jeffrey" - 3:20
"Love Story" - 3:02
"Christmas Song" - 3:05
"Living In The Past" (Anderson/Ellis) - 3:20
"Driving Song" - 2:39
"Bourée" (Bach arr. Jethro Tull) - 3:43
"Sweet Dream" - 4:02
"Singing All Day" - 3:03
"Teacher" - 4:08
"Witch's Promise" - 3:49
"Inside" - 3:49
"Alive And Well And Living In" - 2:45
"Just Trying To Be" - 1:36

Disco 2
"By Kind Permission Of" (ao vivo) (Evan) - 10:11
"Dharma For One" (ao vivo) (Anderson/Bunker) - 9:45
"Wond'ring Again" - 4:12
"Hymn 43" - 3:17
"Locomotive Breath" - 4:24
"Life Is A Long Song" - 3:18
"Up The 'Pool" - 3:10
"Dr. Bogenbroom" - 2:59
"For Later" - 2:06
"Nursie" - 1:38

Disco e capa em excelente estado.
Edição Brasileira de 1983 (edição capa dupla com fotos, originalmente lançada sem o livreto).
Saindo por R$ 60,00

Obs: essa marca no vinil (na foto) é reflexo - e não risco/mancha.

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