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Sun: The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 8 - Sun Rocks (Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith, Billy Riley)

Charly Records

This albums contains recordings from the legendary Sun Records Company of Memphis,  Tennessee whose story is the story of rock and roll music, its roots, its up surgence and its  tributaries. It is the story of how label boss Sam Cornelius Phillips was able to create a  legend out of the rockabilly sound he discovered by putting together elements of blues and  country music

The Sun label was formed in 1952, an extension of Phillips' Memphis Recording Service  begun in 1950. It reflected the blues and country talent of Memphis and the Mississippi  Delta-Atkansas area, and it later came to reflect Sam Phillips' search for a new sound in  popular music. In three years, between 1954 and 1956, Sam Phillips realized his ambition by  discovering white artists who could sing they blues, and he saw many of them become the  initial legends in rock music; first Elvis Presley, then Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison  and Jerry Lee Lewis. Finally, his subsidiary label, Phillips International, produced Carl Mann  and Charlie Rich. Rich is only the latest in a line of superstars to emerge from a career  begun in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Sun label lasted under Phillips until 1968, recording blues, country, rock and roll, soul,  pop and Phillips' own sound, rockabilly. The label went from local to national and  international importance, and it carried its unique sound around the world, influencing  many of the musical styles that have emerged since. This series, The Root Of Rock, includes  many of those influential sound yet demands that many fine, previously unissued recordings  be included.

Series compiled and annotated by Martin Hawkins (co-author of ''Catalyst - The Sun Records Story'' by  Escott/Hawkins published by Aquarius Books, I Wardour Mews, London W.I.


1977 Charly Records (LP) 33rpm CR 30115 mono

16-track vinyl LP compilation of recordings from the legendary Sun Record label, whose story is the story of rock and roll, with previously unissued songs by the artists Sonny Burgess, BillyRiley and Warren Smith, front laminated picture sleeve.

In the second half of the fifties, rock was what Sun was all about. The label had made half a dozen major stars and the queue of hopefuls outsite the door was growing always loner. Many of these queueing were literally being hopeful, but some were genuinely talented. Of these, Sun produced its three great unknowns; Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley and Warren Smith.

These three were unlucky in not obtaining the breaks that would get them a hit record, but in the days of early rock and roll they were all dynamic artists capable of holding any audience. With one exception the tracks on this album have never been released before (1977) and they still hold the power and drive that created them back in the Tennessee of 1956 to 1959. With these tracks, the Sun legend not only lives, it expands.

Sonny Burgess
Born in Newport, Arkansas in 1931, Burgess was the wildest stage performer on Sun, and the artist most intro real rhythm and blues. Burgess had a style, that's very apparent from all his recordings with their muffled rhythm and beat and caustic vocals and lead guitar work, but his style was basically taken from rhythm and blues artists like Smiley Lewis, Lowell Fulson and later Jimmy Reed.

On this album, Burgess pays tribute to some of his influences, the Lewis, Domino, Presley hit ''One Night'', for instance, and ''My Babe'' and Crudup's  ''So Glad You're Mine''. This is all great stuff, as are the Burgess originals like ''Mr. Blues'' with fine interplay from guitar and piano and the ecstatic ''Little Town Baby''. ''I Love You So'' is an interesting alternate take of his own ''A Kiss Goodnite''.

Billy Riley
Like Burgess, Riley, from Pocohontas, Arkansas, was rhythm and blues influenced. They both came from country music backgrounds but they adapted well to rock. Riley had a fine edge to his voice which is capable of many styles. Here we have solid interpretations of the Coasters ''Searchin'''and Lewis's ''Let's Talk About Us'' plus a rockaballad ''Just One More Time'' and the frantic bass-slapper ''She's My Baby''. The latter is an alternate treatment of the theme of Riley's best known song, ''Red Hot''.

Warren Smith
Smith, from Louise, Mississippi, was much more of a country artist as shown in the rockabilly version of ''Who''. More solid are ''Do I Love You'' and ''I Like Your Kinda Love'' while ''Who Took My Baby'' again has a country rockabilly feel to it.

All recordings made at the Sun Studio, 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee."


Side 1: Contains
My Babe (Sonny Burgess); I Love You So (Sonny Burgess);
Mr Blues (Sonny Burgess); So Glad You're Mine (Sonny Burgess);
One Night (Sonny Burgess); Little Town Baby (Sonny Burgess);
So Soon (Sonny Burgess); Tomorrow Night (Sonny Burggess)
Original Sun Recordings

Side 2: Contains
One More Time (Billy Riley); Let's Talk About Us (Billy Riley);
Searchin' (Billy Riley); She's My Baby (Billy Riley);
Do I Love You (Warren Smith); Who Took My Baby (Warren Smith);
I Like Your Kinda Love (Warren Smith); Who (Warren Smith)
Original Sun Recordings

Disco e capa em excelente estado.
Edição Brasileira, 1977.
Saindo por R$ 35,00

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