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David Coverdale - Northwinds (77)

"David Coverdale's decision to quit Deep Purple in the spring of 1976 allowed him to start work on his first ever solo album, "Whitesnake". Exiled in Germany for tax reasons and unable to tour, the low-key release, recorded with the help of former Juicy Lucy guitarist Micky Moody, was the first tentative step towards what became a hugely successful career with the band who took their name from this album, Whitesnake. Taped in late 1976, with former Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover producing (and playing bass), the album was issued early in 1977.

Such were the positive vibes surrounding it that David Coverdale began work on his second solo album almost at once. "Northwinds", recorded in 1977 (again with Glover producing) is widely regarded as one of his best. Musically and vocally strong, it reflected a growing confidence in his career outside Deep Purple (whose demise is documented on the song "Breakdown") and was issued just as Whitesnake were playing their first "back to the roots" live shows in 1978."


Disco e capa em ótimo estado.
Edição Brasileira de 1986.
Saindo por R$ 15,00.

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